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COVID-19 : Resources for Gardens

This page provides a few key updates, resources, and suggestions for our member gardens' Staff in facing the many impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, during these evolving and dynamic series of events.

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Garden/Business Resources

General Information, Re-Opening Resources, Employment Resources, Recovery Resources, Contract/Press Release language

Resources for Individuals

Resources connecting our members, remote work, and unemployment resources.

Advocacy for Government Support


General Guidance for Gardens

  • All gardens must continue to conform to mandates from their governing bodies and health authorities (local, regional, state, or federal).
    • States of Emergency, Travel Bans, Social Distancing/Gathering Limits, etc. not only dictate if/when a garden can be open but also trigger insurance coverage and contract implications, personnel availability, as well as other important matters related to events and business continuity. 
  • Please be science-based and unbiased/non-political in communications whenever you are able. While COVID-19 is a novel Coronavirus, it is still following known epidemiological models/predictions for worldwide outbreaks closely.  
  • “Social distancing” and “Flattening the Curve” are key in garden closure measures. Avoid communications terminology that states we can “prevent” or “eliminate” spread of COVID-19 and emphasize the gardens role in "doing its part to slow the spread and reduce healthcare system impacts” as this language has been more rightly adopted nationwide.  
  • Gardens should have a business continuity plan and be ready to execute it in order to resume normal operations as quickly as possible. As primarily outdoor and/or open venues with ample fresh air to breathe, our gardens are/will be great places to go to find respite, solace, and peace at these uncertain times. We are great places to practice social distancing techniques and mindfulness!  
  • Please continue to be prepared, proactive, and positive. Our gardens will emerge and can serve as resilient centers for communities in need of us.