Go Public gardens

Go Public Gardens is an evergreen year-round Association initiative to drive the public to visit, value, and volunteer at public gardens.

Every Spring we celebrate Go Public Gardens Days from the Friday before to the Sunday after Mother’s Day.
This year’s dates are May 10 to May 19.

Join the American Public Gardens Association’s Public Garden Photo Scavenger Hunt during our Go Public Gardens Days 2024! Each day from May 10–19, will feature a different scavenger hunt theme of something to “go find” at your local public garden or arboretum. Post your photos on your social channels on the day that matches the theme and be sure to tag: #GoPublicGardensDays and #GoPublicGardens.

You can also tag APGA’s social media channels:

Instagram: @americanpublicgardens
Facebook: facebook.com/publicgardens
: American Public Gardens Association

The Association will share as many photos as possible across our Instagram and Facebook stories.
Thanks for playing and we look forward to seeing what you “go find!”

Friday, May 10:

• Go to your local public garden or arboretum and take a selfie or photo of your favorite display garden or near a favorite tree!

Saturday, May 11: Go find a plant or flower that is new to you!
Sunday, May 12: Go find a pollinator!
Monday, May 13: National Tulip Day: If tulips are still in bloom, go take a photo.
Tuesday, May 14: Go find and take a picture of a succulent!
Wednesday, May 15: Go take a photo of a conservatory!
Thursday, May 16: National Love a Tree Day: Go take a photo of a flowering tree!
Friday, May 17: Go find a fern!
Saturday, May 18: Go take a photo of a spring flower!
Sunday, May 19:

  • Go ask a staff member at your local public garden to show you their favorite plant or flower. Take a photo of their favorite plant or flower or ask if they could be in the picture with you.
  • To our members, you can share your favorite plant or flower on your garden or arboretum channels and/or your personal channels.

…but there’s MORE – find blooms across the country at gardens near you on social media with the hashtags:
#GoPublicGardens and #GoPublicGardens2024


Find a Public Garden

The American Public Gardens Association champions and advances nearly 600 member organizations in North America and internationally. Together, we lead, advocate and innovate in the conservation and appreciation of plants.

Association Member Gardens are featured on our Go Public Gardens Map. Member gardens can find out how to update their garden page here.


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The USDA Forest Service manages over 191 million acres of National Forest Lands on behalf of the American people, but also has a responsibility to support management on all forested lands across the United States.

Enjoy the health benefits of forests and host a nature walk or forest bathing.

Engage audiences of all ages on a plant and tree identification arboretum stroll, urban forest, or natural lands walk. The research shows that benefits include stress reduction, improved mental health, increased happiness, resilience, and social cohesion. Consider this your guests’ Rx!

Give a talk on the importance of trees and how public gardens are safeguarding their genetic diversity. Invite a staff member or special guest speaker from a local or state native plant society or an ecologist from a nearby university. Did you know your Local State or Community Forester will welcome the invitation?

Inspire your guests to go outside to look for a rare native tree or simply enjoy the biodiversity of plants.