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Dec. 12 2018

(West Palm Beach, FL – December 12, 2018) Sandy Smith President of Friends of the Mounts Botanical Garden, Palm Beach County’s oldest and largest public garden, today announced two new members of the nonprofit organization...

Dec. 09 2018

The redesign of the Green Roof of Infonavit, developed by CICEANA in collaboration with CONViVe and Tecnosfera, won the National Design Award: Mexico Design 2018 contest on November 8, 2018. The project won the Best Project award, in the subcategory...

Nov. 27 2018

The Oak Spring Garden Foundation (OSGF) is seeking applications from individuals wishing to help envisage and implement the creation of an Appalachian-focused “bio-cultural conservation farm” on up to three acres of the Rokeby Property...

Career Center

12/14/18 The Morton Arboretum Science and Conservation Communications...
12/14/18 Mt. Cuba Center Manager of Horticultural Research
12/14/18 University of California Botanical... Horticulturist - California Collection
12/14/18 Holden Forests & Gardens Green Corps Learning Farm - Apprentice
12/14/18 Mount Auburn Cemetery Plant Records Manager

Public Garden Magazine

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