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Plant Heroes

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Our mission is to connect kids to trees and forest ecosystems where they live, study, and play, regardless of their cultural, religious, or socioeconomic background. We hope to spark their curiosity and empower them to become agents of positive environmental change.
Our program provides hands-on, nature-based learning materials for educators to engage children in topics of plant health, ecosystem balance, and forest health. We also spotlight the amazing work our public gardens do in protecting the plants and ecosystems we all depend on through our website content and printed materials.

The website houses an Educator's Corner, with a variety of lesson plans that educators can filter by age, subject, skills and learning standards to integrate the Plant Heroes program into their programming as well as downloadable activity books, field guides and journal pages to enrich the learning experience.

Member gardens may order FREE printed copies of Plant Heroes activity books, field guides, lesson plans and journal pages as well as 18x24-inch comic panels for displaying at gardens through the Plant Protection Program Store