Goal 4: Organizational Excellence

Continue pursuit of organizational excellence and a business model that promotes sustainability, resilience, and core IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and access) principles

Objective 4A

Increase Financial Strength: Diversify and increase funding while seeking efficiencies and building financial reserves to ensure organizational sustainability
•    Develop an organizational growth plan to achieve $5 million in annual revenue by 2025
•    Establish an endowment fund and draft menu of gift opportunities and policies for acceptance and recognition
•    Convene an ad hoc earned revenue work group to explore and pursue potential opportunities
•    Maintain cash reserves to cover 6 months of operational expenses
•    Significantly strengthen fundraising and development program
•    Integrate fundraising management database solutions to manage activities

Objective 4B

Foster Service-Oriented Workplace Culture: Foster a positive, service-oriented workplace culture that values and develops its people and advances IDEA principles in all operations
•    Develop a strategic leadership development plan/succession planning framework
•    Maintain, communicate, and enhance the diverse suite of member and staff talent for service among the Board, Staff, Committees and Communities of the Association
•    Develop a five-year staffing plan that includes an assessment of needs, resources, and gaps
•    Continue to provide training and professional development opportunities that reward staff and the Association with new skills and abilities
•    Continue to reflect the Association’s emphasis on IDEA principles in recruiting, retaining, and encouraging staff to grow and succeed

Objective 4C

Enhance Governance: Follow best practices for board governance and succession to recruit, engage, and develop qualified, diverse board members that reflect the Association
•    Recruit, develop, and maintain a highly qualified, engaged, and diverse Board of Directors
•    Better leverage current board members and board alumni to support the organization’s fundraising, awareness, and advocacy efforts.
•    Participate in an effort to create core organizational values and integrate them into all aspects of the Association

Objective 4D

Improve Technology and Data: Ensure efficient use of technology in all operations
•    Conduct annual assessment of the organization’s technology needs and strategically align it with the organization’s budgeting processes whenever possible
•    Use technology to improve our staff’s reach with members to provide more access to tools, resources and programs 
•    Develop procedures to ensure data accuracy regarding member information
•    Provide ongoing technology training for staff and equip them with appropriate tools and software