This is a Community led open discussion surrounding a topic that runs 60 to 90 minutes. Typically, targeted marketing is to the Community or Specialty, although broader membership marketing is an option if the subject crosses multiple disciplines. Open for members only.

Town Halls are designed for members of a Professional Community to discuss particular topics amongst themselves. These are not designed for formal presentations or individual speakers.

How long is this event?  
Town Halls are 60 to 90 minutes in duration.  

How often does this event occur?  
Town Halls are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting no earlier than 1PM Eastern.
The frequency of Town Halls will vary depending upon Community interest and topics. Some Communities may be interested in hosting Town Halls quarterly, as needed, or not at all.  

Staff Liaisons must be consulted to confirm scheduling and set registration.  

Who attends this event? How many people can attend?  
Only members of the Association may attend. Attendees should be members of the presenting Community. The Community may decide to cap attendance based on interactive structure of the event.  

Will the event be available on-demand following the ‘event’?  
Town Halls will be available to members in the Resource Center.  Please allow 48-72 hours after for recording to become available.   

How much does the event cost for attendees? 
FREE and available to members only. 

Interested in hosting a Town Hall?  

  • Community staff liaison must be given 4-6 weeks' notice of event. 
  • Association staff will creates Zoom event with registration and market the Town Hall to Association members.