Goal 1: Engagement

Grow and nurture relationships with members by offering services and resources that anticipate and fulfill their needs.

Objective 1A

Attract and Engage Diverse Membership: Grow a healthy and diverse membership by attracting new members and nurturing existing ones
•    Implement annual acquisition campaign through multi-channel efforts
•    Create and execute a systematized ongoing member communications plan for members
•    Enhance and diversify member communication channels
•    Demonstrate member value/ROI to Institutional Members through published reports and refined member engagement metrics.
•    Expand awards and recognition programs to increase member engagement and help build pride, standing and confidence among member gardens and individuals
•    Steward Entry Level Membership and analyze data to determine growth and guide outreach opportunities that result in greater access to membership benefits

Objective 1B

Expand and Enhance Member Benefits and Resources: Grow the portfolio of member benefits and resources
•    Conduct member satisfaction surveys by 2024 to ascertain quality, desirability, and utility of member benefits.
•    Develop measurements of success to evaluate new and ongoing benefits and resources
•    Re-evaluate corporate membership offerings and communications to build corporate member relationships
•    Strengthen Library and Media Center offerings by increasing member search access and contributions, while maintaining a strong vetting process for quality of all holdings

Objective 1C

Synergize Signature Programs: Identify opportunities to link, improve, and better integrate programs and related communication 
•    Develop collective metrics that establish the purpose for collaborative program impacts
•    Analyze and increase the efficiency and consistency of existing messages and communication about programs
•    Create opportunities to partner with peer national and international group(s) to share best practices
•    Invest appropriately to increase access to programs and core services
•    Create new synergistic messages that resonate with members

Objective 1D

Cultivate Strategic Partners: Cultivate and strengthen innovative strategic partnerships and other relationships to advance the Association and its members
•    Define strategic partnerships criteria and guidelines to allow for creativity and entrepreneurship in seizing unique opportunities
•    Cultivate existing and potential governmental partners and relationships to leverage resources benefiting Association core programs and members
•    Evaluate and evolve existing partners and sponsors into strategic partner framework
•    Prioritize and pursue new partnerships, sponsorships and alliances with NPOs, for-profit corporations, and peer organizations