Smithsonian Gardens launched their interpretive master plan, recurring exhibition series and, in particular, their inaugural exhibition, Habitat (2019–2020). These initiatives are collaborative efforts involving the entire Smithsonian Gardens staff. By focusing the efforts of their diverse and talented staff, including specialists such as educators, curators, interior and exterior horticulturists, entomologists, and landscape architects, they have developed a rich vision for Habitat and for their ongoing exhibition series in general through the development of this first interpretive master plan.

An interpretive master plan is a preliminary study of how an organization’s current strategic plan and programs align with its vision for a new initiative. It reconfirms the organization’s mission as well as:

• Establishes the goals and objectives

• Identifies stakeholders and audiences

• Develops key messages and critical questions

• Identifies programming opportunities

This interpretive master plan provides a road map for launching the multi-year Smithsonian Gardens Exhibition Series and establishes interpretive strategies for the inaugural exhibition, Habitat.