Join your garden colleagues of small, university, and large gardens as they share their creative success stories in a lively and focused “rapid fire” session. Each presenter must tell his/her story in six minutes and thirty-six seconds using only twenty slides! Walk away with renewed enthusiasm for the roles that art, design, and planning play in our public garden world.

Presenters: B. Brackman, San Antonio Botanical Garden, San Antonio, Texas; P.S. Larkin, Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art, Nashville, Tennessee; B. Parsons, Holden Arboretum, Cleveland, Ohio; M. Conklin, Tucson. Botanical Gardens, Tucson, Arizona; S. Jutila, Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden, Des Moines, Iowa; D. Edelman, Lewis  and Clark Community College, Godfrey, Illinois; S.C. Scarfone, Oasis Design Group, Baltimore, Maryland; C. Tyler, Terra Design Studios, Pittsburgh, PA; P. Steigerwald, Huntsville Botanical Garden, Huntsville, Alabama.