In this tumultuous period, in which we’re each striving to increase our knowledge of and sensitivity to racial equity issues, we were motivated to research and compile this resource guide to ‘Anti-racism in the Outdoors: Resources related to inclusion, diversity, equity and access of black, indigenous and people of color in parks and greenspaces.’  We don’t intend for this to be a comprehensive listing of resources, and in fact welcome you to email us with suggested additions. We also recognize that we are not experts in this field, and as privileged white academics, we may display unintended biases.  Please feel free to make us aware of instances of these, and we will do our best to correct them. As we state in the introduction:

“We believe that understanding the history and impacts of racism in the parks and greenspaces in our communities can only serve to improve the positive benefits of green spaces to all residents.  With this goal in mind, this list is intended to serve as an information resource for faculty, staff, students, extension educators, outdoor advocates, volunteers and community leaders as allies of black, indigenous, and people of color in the outdoors. Opinion pieces may not necessarily represent the official position of University partners compiling this document.” 

Compiled by both:

Don Rakow, Cornell University,

Laura Brown, University of Connecticut,