Dr. Kay Havens, Chair of the PCA Non-Federal Cooperators Committee, will briefly report on the "Assessment of Native Seed Needs and Capacities" being conducted by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, including the phase 2 data-collection plan and opportunities for PCA Collaborators to provide input. Ms. Alyssa Samoy, Natural Resources Specialist for the BIA-Tribal Resilience Program and Chippewa Cree Tribe Member presented " Bureau of Indian Affairs and Native Plant Conservation.” The presentation began with a brief history of the BIA and its current organizational structure to include the Tribal Resilience Program (TRP). The presentation focused on specific BIA-funded tribal projects related to native plant restoration or Tribal education. Under the TRP, projects related to native plant conservation may be funded if they relate to the overarching tribal climate adaptation plan. Native plant conservation or invasive species should be outlined as key priorities of the tribe and add as one among other highlighted components stitched together as a cohesive plan by multiple tribal departments.