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Go Public Gardens!

Go Public Gardens Days 2023 Highlights

Thank you to everyone from artists to the staff at our member gardens for making last week a success! There were many landmarks, bridges, buildings, and gardens lit up green starting Friday, May 12 for our Go Green Lighting event that kicked off our Go Public Gardens Days. 

Go Green Lighting 2023

1. The Terminal Tower, Cleveland, OH

2. Peace Bridge, Buffalo, NY

3. Caesars Superdome, New Orleans, LA

4. Longue Vue House & Gardens, New Orleans, LA

5. Huntsville Botanical Garden, Huntsville, AL

6. McCrory Gardens, Brookings, SD

7. Caine Conservatory at High Point University in North Carolina

8. Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum, Nashville, TN


Go Public Gardens Days 2023 - #ArtForPublicGardens

1. Longue Vue House & Gardens, New Orleans, LA


2. The Ruth Bancroft Garden, Walnut Creek, CA


3. Mt. Cuba Center, Hockessin, DE


4. Botanical Garden of Piedmont, Charlottesville, VA

5. Amanda Campbell, Artist based in Wilmington, NC


  • Day 1: Iris - Artwork inspired by reference photos taken at the NC Arboretum in Asheville, NC.
  • Day 2: Tree - Artwork inspired by reference photos taken at Cypress Gardens in SC.
  • Day 3: Cactus - Artwork once again inspired by photos taken at the NC Arboretum in Asheville, NC. 
  • Day 4: Tulip - Artwork inspired by reference photos taken at Airlie Gardens in Wilmington, NC.
  • Day 5: Bee - Artwork inspired by reference photos taken at the Raleigh Rose Garden.


Be A Part of Something Greater - Be Indispensable!

Go Public Gardens is an ongoing, evergreen Association initiative to drive the public to visit, value, and volunteer at public gardens in their area and when they travel.

You can find gardens near you on the interactive Garden Map. If your browser's location services are active, it will geolocate to your area. Otherwise, you can search using the search box.

You can also use this Press Release template and Talking Points to better inform your guests and local media outlets when promoting Go Public Gardens Days and any planned events.


Go Public Gardens Days
May 1221, 2023


The campaign brings a special focus from the Friday before to the Sunday after Mother’s Day (May 12–21, 2023). You can find links to Garden's Events Pages and Social Media on their Garden Pages on the Garden Map.


On Friday, May 12 many national landmarks, buildings, bridges, and gardens will turn their lights green for our Go Green Lighting event to kick off our Go Public Gardens Days May 12–21, 2023!

Get the YouTube 30-second promotional Video Link here: 16:9

BE SOCIAL - #gopublicgardens #gopublicgardensdays

Facebook: @PublicGardens 
Twitter: @PublicGardens
LinkedIn: @PublicGardens

We would love to see your Go Green Lighting photos! Refer to this Go Green Lighting Social Media Toolkit for all the tips and tricks to let others know about the initiative! We will share as many pictures as possible on our stories and tag your garden!

There is no "sign up form" for 2023. All Association members are participating in Go Public Gardens Days. Some offer special events or incentives which you can find on their websites.


As part of this year's Go Public Gardens Days, we are holding a first-ever #ArtForPublicGardens campaign to encourage artists of ALL AGES to visit their local garden and find one of our themes. Gardens are welcome to host art classes around our campaign and promote #ArtForPublicGardens to their art community.  

The campaign runs from Monday, May 15, to Friday, May 19. Whether you are a staff at one of our member gardens or someone who supports public gardens, create your artwork before the campaign and post it according to the theme each day on your personal social media channels. Folks can take a photo ahead of time of one of the themes and use that as their inspiration. People could post a past finished piece of art that fits the theme too!

Tag the garden's social media handle, and depending on your preferred social media platform tag Instagram @americanpublicgardens, Facebook American Public Gardens Association, or Twitter @PublicGardens. Be sure to include the hashtag #ArtForPublicGardens so we can track the artwork.

Monday, May 15 - IRIS
Tuesday, May 16 - TREE
Wednesday, May 17 - CACTUS
Thursday, May 18 - TULIP
Friday, May 19 - BEE

Our national gardens have inspired artists for decades, so we honor that tradition with #ArtForPublicGardens. The Association is looking forward to seeing everyone’s art and we will share and RT as many posts as possible across our social media stories.

Thanks for your kind support! We look forward to seeing your artwork!

Contact our Marketing & Communications Assistant, Lisa Comento with any questions or ways you want to collaborate. 

Update Your Garden's Profile

Login to the Association website and Garden members' Admin contacts can update:

  • website
    • including events and donations pages
  • social media links
  • garden description and Go Public Gardens Days offers
  • Garden category and features
  • logo
  • main garden image


  • Login to the Association website
  • Upper Right where it says "Welcome, NAME" click "My Profile"
  • Under your name and Title click your Garden's name
  • Scroll Down to see the ROSTER and find "Company Administrator" next to the title


  • Login to the Association website
  • Upper Right where it says "Welcome, NAME" click "My Profile"
  • Under your name and Title click your Garden's name
  • Click "CONTACTS" tab
  • Click the title of the person you want to make an Admin
  • Click "ADD"
  • "Company Administrator" is selected by default
  • Click "Save & Close"

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