For members of the Sentinel Plant Network, getting diagnostic support is as simple as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Take a series of pictures that capture the plant affected in its entirety, the surrounding context, and close ups of symptomatic plant parts.  Check out this YouTube video for tips
  2. Contact your state’s National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN) lab, tell them the name of your garden and let them know that you are part of the Sentinel Plant Network!
  3. Describe and share your documentation of the plant problem with them. They will provide guidance on whether or not a physical sample is necessary for identification. Each time you submit a sample for diagnosis, be sure to complete this WEBFORM so that we can document the contribution that public gardens are making to our knowledge about plant pests and diseases.

Ready to get started? Find the contact information for your state’s NPDN lab using the state-by-state listings on the following regional landing pages.