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Snap Photos.
Identify Plants.
Build Resilient Gardens.

The American Public Gardens Association’s PlantSnap Initiative

What is the American Public Gardens Association’s PlantSnap Initiative?
The Association has partnered with PlantSnap to help build the most comprehensive database of plant photos in the world by empowering garden visitors to become citizen scientists in their own communities.
Their participation, and your garden’s, advances the work of all public gardens in building resilience.

Read more about PlantSnap here.

What is PlantSnap?
PlantSnap is a technologically advanced, comprehensive and accurate plant identification app
that gives a person anywhere on Earth a new way to explore the natural world in their everyday
PlantSnap is a simple way for your visitors to play a role in protecting and saving plants simply by
snapping photos of them. This allows PlantSnap to add to the world’s database of plants while
your visitors are taking action to ensure public gardens stay relevant and resilient for generations
to come.
PlantSnap’s open source plant database features 600,000+ plants and 200 million+ plant images.
The app recognizes nearly all species encountered in public gardens and is available in 37
languages. To date, there have been more than 25 million downloads.

How much does the app cost?
Freemium version
A free version of the app is the default version.
Premium version
Visitors can sign up for a premium, ad-free version for 99 cents a month USD. PlantSnap is available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play. You will be provided a unique
download link that is connected to your garden.

Where does the money go?
10% of the revenue generated by each visitor/user downloading the app (in either version) in conjunction with a member garden supports the American Public Gardens Association’s Garden to Garden Disaster Response Center, which supports member gardens recovering from extreme climate events, and also towards Association programs to help public gardens build resilience.

How do I get involved?
• Level 1 – ON THE MAP – OPT IN (aka “default”)*
Your garden participates by being identifiable on the PlantSnap map, same as on the Association’s own Gardens Map. This enables PlantSnap to positively identify any usage of the app in your garden by your visitors or those within a designated radius of your garden.
This user data can still be shared with your team.
Your garden agrees to promote usage of the PlantSnap app to visitors and be conversant and promotional with regards to its usage. PlantSnap can provide a customizable set of marketing content to support your efforts.
Sharing your garden’s plant list (you choose the plants you want to share) greatly improves your visitor’s experience identifying plants and adds to PlantSnap’s identification database. Gardens participating at this level will provide their plant lists for upload and are engaged with the public participation activities in Levels 1 - 2.
• Level 0 – OPT OUT*
The Association has provided PlantSnap with the geo-location of all member gardens along with the basic information found in the Association Member Directory listing. The pin for gardens carries the Association seal icon to identify it as a “Member” garden. If you wish to not be represented on the PlantSnap app even just with this pin, simply contact the Association office at and ask to opt out. The garden pin and description will be removed along with any accompanying garden information from PlantSnap.

How do I get more involved?
1) Let the Association know you’re interested by sending an email to
2) An Association representative will follow up with you and/or garden staff to get you started.
3) PlantSnap will create marketing materials you can easily customize including a download link and QR code connected to your garden, and will help you launch your app at your garden.
PlantSnap will provide ongoing marketing tips to help you ensure the success of the app at your garden.
4) PlantSnap will provide your garden with login access to aggregate visitor behavior by those downloading the PlantSnap app, along with plant images, (fully verified and identified) taken by your visitors.

Have more questions? We have answers!
Visit the FAQ.
Teams of garden professionals from the Technology and Innovation Professionals, Plant Collections, Plant Nomenclature and Taxonomy, and Marketing and Communications Communities have been working with the app, improving its accuracy based on known garden collections, and also asking questions to ensure all gardens can both protect and champion their plant holdings.