This is a formal educational presentation that includes a Q&A portion at the end. Formal portions of the presentation may be prerecorded to ensure quality. Sponsorship may be used to offset or eliminate fees for attendees.  

Webinars may include experts who are corporate members or outside membership but speakers MAY NOT ‘pitch product, service, or item’ during presentation and will not receive corporate webinar perks. 

How long is this event?  
Webinars are 60-120-minute event consisting of at least a 45-minute presentation period followed by at least a 10-minute Q&A session  

How often does this event occur? 
Webinars take place on Wednesdays. Mid-day timing across time zones are preferred (1PM ET, 12PM CT, 11AM MT, 10AM PT). They may be scheduled in any month but will not be scheduled during conflicting previously scheduled professional development events. Webinars in June will be limited due to the Annual Conference.

Who attends this event? How many people can attend?  
Members and non-members may attend. Any number of people can attend up to Zoom cap.  

What technology will be used to produce the event?  
The Association’s Zoom platform will be utilized for all webinar presentations. Q&A function available during webinar can be answered during presentation and/or during Q&A period(s), no live questions will be taken from attendees.  

Live presentations are preferred. Pre-recording can be available for formal content portions. 

Interested in presenting a Webinar?  

  • Contact your Community staff liaison with ideas for a Webinar 8-12 weeks in advance. 
  • Speakers must be fully secured and confirmed, and description of content submitted to staff liaison at least 6-8 weeks before the event.  
  • All speakers and presenters must commit to being available for a Wednesday presentation.
  • The event registration will be set up and will be announced by Association staff. 
  • If live, a test-run can be scheduled within 1 week of event, back-up plans must be made for the event of someone’s connection being lost
    *If pre-recoding, recording must be finalized at least 2 weeks in advance