On the heels of our conservation gap analysis of US native oaks (in prep), The Morton Arboretum, in partnership with BGCI US and the United States Forest Service, will extend this study to additional U.S. tree groups in 2018. Priority tree genera have been targeted: Carya, Fagus, Gymnocladus, Juglans, Lindera, Magnolia, Persea, Pinus, Sassafras, Taxus.

Our assessment will include an in-depth review of ex situ accessions alongside an in situ analysis of threats and mitigation efforts for wild populations. A final report will highlight key areas of need by genus, region, and species, as well as replicable methods we hope can lead the way for similar studies.

Make Your Collections Count

For phase one of the gap analysis we are requesting accessions data, including provenanceinformation, from all gardens that maintain any of the priority genera. Please send us a full electronic export (Excel spreadsheet or CSV preferred) from your collections database for the target genera (Carya, Fagus, Gymnocladus, Juglans, Lindera, Magnolia, Persea, Pinus, Sassafras, Taxus). All provenance data collected by your institution are vital to our analysis so please ensure the inclusion of all relevant fields. A full export (all fields you document) is very welcome, but if you would like to see the list of target fields we are collecting, click here. All data contributions will be managed confidentially.

The deadline for providing collection information for this analysis is April 30. Please pass this request on to your colleagues and other institutions with relevant collections.

Thank you for your continued collaboration!

Please contact Emily Beckman with data, questions, and/or comments at ebeckman@mortonarb.org