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This online training provides practical information you can use for disaster planning at your garden. Learn the key steps for disaster planning through videos and interactive exercises. Download worksheets and explore additional resources to create your own plan. Discover how to build a garden-wide culture of disaster readiness through exercises and drills.  

Learn more in this video presentation from Pam Allenstein.

Diagram showing the four phases of disaster planning

FEMA-Recommended Process 

Our training follows a proven disaster planning process adapted specifically for public gardens. You’ll find valuable guidance to align with your community, state, and federal disaster management programs. 

Self-Paced Learning Modules 

Choose to work through the five modules on your own or study each module as a staff team or group of regional gardens to compare notes. We recommend that you initially run through these modules sequentially as they guide you through the disaster planning process. Then you can revisit key points as needed. 

Voices From the Field 

Hear from your peers at public gardens, risk management professionals, and emergency managers who provide insights and advice based upon their experiences. 

Peer Support for Disaster Readiness  

Join our Member-only Online Forum to learn best practices, assess your readiness, and network with other garden professionals to better prepare for disasters.


Disaster readiness training materials have been developed through a grant from the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust. 

Training content materials developed and designed by Transformative Questions

Disaster Readiness: It’s Essential