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Sustainable Community Development

Achieve Greatness in Sustainable Community Development

1. Enhance capacity for participatory and inclusive sustainable community development.

2. Contribute to the environmental, social, and economic health of the city/town/municipality that the garden resides in.

3. Develop educational programming and community outreach projects/programs in direct response to identified community needs.

Getting Started is Easy!

Read the Workbook to learn the goals, key performance indicators, outcomes, and strategies.

Fill out the Self-Assessment and get a baseline of where your garden is on Sustainable Community Development and gain access to peer support. Download the Assessment Questions here to work offline/share with others.

Gain Recognition 

Demonstrate garden achievements on Sustainable Community Development and receive Excellence in Sustainable Community Development recognition.


A wide range of best practices set the standard for working with valued community resources to help them achieve their goals for sustainability. Goals, Strategies, Resources, and a Network of Peer Support help your garden meet Key Performance Indicators and Achieve Outcomes.

What Recognition for Your Garden Means 

  • Automatic nomination for the Operational Sustainability Award. Get recognized in multiple Attributes to receive stronger consideration.
  • Garden Profile on your garden’s unique achievement of Excellence in Sustainable Community Development featured on the Association website and in communication platforms. 
  • Excellence in Sustainable Community Development badge of recognition will be awarded for your garden’s use.