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Resources: Sustainable Community Development

GOAL 1: Enhance capacity for participatory and inclusive sustainable community development.


Tower Hill Botanic Garden Worcester Tree Initiative:

The Carolina Community Garden (formerly Carolina Campus Community Garden) engagement program of the North Carolina Botanical Garden:

Embedding Community Work in your Organization:

Measuring Community Resilience with the STAR Community Rating System:

Field Guide to Conservation in Cities in North America:

The Role of Public Gardens in Revitalizing Communities:

Valuation Tools to Determine Economic, Environmental, and Social Benefits of Green Spaces:

DePaul Asset-Based Community Development Institute (ABCD) Toolkit:

Embracing Indigenous Values in Public Gardens and in Our Communities:

Measuring Our Social Impact:

Jerry W. Robinson, Jr.  and Gary Paul Green, Introduction to Community Development: Theory, Practice, and Service-Learning. Relevant chapter from that book:

The Power of the Plate: Celebrating Community Connections through Food and Agriculture:

Building the Buzz: Pollinate New England as a Model for Regional Engagement:


GOAL 2: Contribute to the environmental, social, and economic health of the city/town/municipality that the garden resides in.


Missouri Botanic Garden Contributing to Sustainable Living:

Growing North Minneapolis: Connecting Youth and Community through Garden-based Experiential Learning:

The Impact of Royal Botanic Gardens’ Community Greening:

New Botanical Gardens: Balancing Growth and Innovation:

A New Approach to Conservation: Using Community Empowerment for Sustainable Well-being:
Culturally Grounded Indicators of Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems:

Measuring & Evaluating Social Impact Resources:


GOAL 3: Develop educational programming and community outreach projects/programs in direct response to identified community needs.


Public Gardens as Agents of Social Empowerment:

The Role of Public Gardens in Sustainable Community Development:

Green Community Redevelopment Webinar:                          

Public Gardens for Environmental Justice Webinar:                                                             

Building Sustainable Farms, Ranches, and Communities:




Chris Masner, Sustainable Community Development: Principles and Concepts

Jane Silverstein and Chris Maser, Land-Use Planning for Sustainable Development, Second Edition (Social Environmental Sustainability), 2nd Edition

Donald A. Rakow and Sharon A. Lee, Public Garden Management: A Complete Guide to the Planning and Administration of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta

Sharon A. Lee, Don A. Rakow, & Meghan Gough, have written a book for Cornell University Press to be titled, ‘Public Gardens and Community Revitalization.’ It should be coming out later in 2018.


For more Social Community Development resources found in our Library & Media Center click on the photo below: