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Resources: Social Engagement, Outreach, & Education

COVID-19 Examples from Gardens:

Tulsa Botanic Garden:

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden:


GOAL 1:  Understand and know who is participating in your programming (who they are, where they live, and what they are concerned about - environmentally, socially, economically, and otherwise).


Get on the Path Toward Understanding Your Audiences and Impact:

Beyond the Children's Garden Gate: Five Creative Ideas for Young Families:

Across the Spectrum: Resources for Environmental Educators:

Embedding Community Work in your Organization:

Measuring & Evaluating Social Impacts:


GOAL 2: Identify valued and relevant topics of sustainability in your region and include educational programming that addresses them (e.g. food systems in cities, water in drought prone regions, etc.).


Empowering Learners Beyond the Classroom:

Evolving Roles of Botanical Gardens: Interpretation & Exhibits On A Budget-3 Unique Perspectives:

Chapter 7: Using the Plant Collection – Research, Conservation, Public Engagement, Recreation and Tourism:


GOAL 3: Fully engage with broad and diverse community members, ensuring equitable, inclusive, and accessible offerings.


Anti-racism in the Outdoors Resource Guide:

Farm for the City: Gardening for the Greater Good:

Ian Edwards from Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh: Making Your Garden Accessible:

Tattoos, Drag Queens, and Botanic Gardens, Oh My!:

Having Uncomfortable Conversations in Beautiful Places:

A Natural Connection: Green Spaces, Migratory Birds, and our Latinx Community:

Nature's Fun I Swear: Engaging High School Students in Outdoor Education:

Engaging Diverse Audiences in Conservation and Research through Citizen Science:

The Value of Community Engagement in Botanic Gardens with Examples from The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh:

Diversity through a Different Lens: Governance and Audience Engagement by Parks, Zoos, and Other Green Spaces:

Creating Doors and Rooms: Taking Risks, Engaging Marginalized Communities, and Challenging the Status Quo:

An Introduction to Engaging Diverse Audiences:

GOAL 4: Increase community and regional participation in educational programming, identifying demographics that have not previously visited or participated in educational programming and events.


Anti-racism in the Outdoors Resource Guide:

A Natural Connection: Green Spaces, Migratory Birds, and our Latinx Community

Inspiring Conservation Action:

No Apologies: Construction as an Opportunity for Guest Engagement:

Stuck in Silos- Breaking Barrier through Engagement:

Scaling up public engagement in botanical research:

Millennials Engaging Millennials through Social Media Marketing:

Interpretation 101: Training Techniques for Engaging Garden Interpreters:

Fostering Collaborations and Engaging Communities Using NAAEE’s Guidelines for Excellence:

Go Far, Walk Together: Community Engagement as Transformative Practice:

#Future Green Collar: Engaging Young People with Careers in Horticulture:

Brookside Gardens Stroll for Wellness:                                  

Connecting People to Nature: From Caring to Conservation and More:

Education for Sustainable Development Goals:

For Children's Education specific resources found in the Library & Media Center, click on the photo below (explore other resource topics such as Community Outreach under Education & Science):