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Resources: Energy Use & Impacts

GOAL 1: Increase reliance on energy efficient and renewable energy programs, systems, and infrastructure, including striving to achieve zero net energy building.


DSIRE North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center & Energy Solutions:

Design, Implementation, and Operation of Modern Wood Energy Systems – Heating, Cooling, Combined Heat and Power:

Accelerating Building Efficiency:

SITES Rating System and Scorecard:


GOAL 2: Coordinate with local and regional partners to reduce GHG emissions from energy focused operations.


Climate Action & Adaptation Plans:

Community Strategic Energy Management Guide:

Water for Energy and Energy for Water:

Sustainable Energy for All:

Energy-Saving Trees:


GOAL 3: Track, measure, and monitor energy consumption on all garden owned property.


Input data into Energy Star Portfolio Manager to establish benchmark for energy use, energy cost and associated GHG emissions:

Energy Use Software, Standards, and Programs:

Implementing Energy Efficiency through Sub-meters:

Benchmark Analysis with RETScreen:


For more Energy Use & Impacts resources found in our Library & Media Center, click on the photo below: