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Engagement, Outreach, & Education

What is it?

The Social Engagement, Outreach, and Education Attribute focuses on cultivating strong connections between public gardens and their local community and region. With that mission in mind, public gardens can engage communities in ways that can help increase plant biodiversity, support cultural resilience and community health, manage resources and waste, and promote safer and healthier living spaces. Public gardens serve as the ultimate outdoor classrooms. As open spaces, wildlife habitat, and plant biodiversity continue to dwindle, public gardens have become powerful educational tools that underscore the importance of sustainable initiatives, strengthening the resolve to reverse this trend so future generations have the opportunity to explore, study, and learn from the natural world. As the human population continues to grow alongside urbanization, it is even more important for public gardens to communicate the value of plant conservation and inspire the broadest audience possible.


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Where to Begin?

Public gardens should work to improve community outreach, education, and engagement by incorporating the following goals and practices:

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