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Business Planning & Management

What is it?

The Business Planning & Management attribute focuses on how to sustain a garden financially, be good environmental stewards, and promote a positive brand for your garden.  An effective business plan needs a strategic approach that assures that the values and mission of your garden align with profitable new growth. For most public gardens, financial strategies are paramount in planning their futures. These strategies can be integrated into strategic plans, but can also be far more detailed than is usual in a strategic plan. An institution’s values and mission will help guide financial strategies focused on fundraising, earned revenue, membership, or on the financial impact of capital projects.

Where to Begin?

Good strategic financial planning is focused on strategy, vision, and priorities for the future.  A key element of financial strategic planning is the identification and framing of critical issues. An organization should examine where it currently is strategically positioned, how it compares to others in its sphere, and what is on the horizon. The first step is framing the right questions and determining what needs to be answered in order to establish financial strategic direction.

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