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Biodiversity & Conservation

Achieve Greatness in Biodiversity & Conservation 

1) Integrate the plant conservation ethic with all internal and external operations, communicating the importance of plants and conservation to garden staff, visitors, funders, partners, researchers, and other stakeholders.

2) Build ex situ conservation capacity so that collections are built, managed, and used to support plant conservation management goals at your institution.

3) Build in situ conservation capacity through management of natural areas, reintroduction of species, restoration of wild areas, planting and documentation of regionally native plants.

4) Support research programs at your institution and regional collaborations including taxonomy, as well as other basic and applied research topics.

5) Address plant conservation as a main theme of education and training programs offered by your garden, including opportunities to engage in the prevention, reporting, and control of invasive species.

Getting Started is Easy!

The Biodiversity & Conservation Attribute of the Public Gardens Sustainability Index and Benchmarking platforms have been intentionally aligned with North American Strategy for Plant Conservation and the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation. You can download the questions here and work offline and share with others. 

Enter your garden's data in the Plant Conservation & Biodiversity Benchmarking to provide your garden’s leadership and stakeholders with quantifiable statements on plant conservation and biodiversity accomplishments and efforts.

Gain Recognition

Demonstrate garden achievements on Biodiversity and Conservation and receive Excellence in Biodiversity and Conservation recognition. 

A wide range of best practices ensure your garden meets targets for Biodiversity & Conservation. Goals, Strategies, Resources, and a Network of Peer Support help your garden meet Key Performance Indicators and Achieve Outcomes.

What Recognition for Your Garden Means 

  • Automatic nomination for the Operational Sustainability Award. Get recognized in multiple Attributes to receive stronger consideration.
  • Garden Profile on your garden’s unique achievement of Excellence in Biodiversity & Conservation featured on the Association website and in communication platforms. 
  • Excellence in Biodiversity & Conservation badge of recognition will be awarded for your garden’s use.