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Public Gardens Sustainability Index

The Public Gardens Sustainability Index is a suite of Attributes intended to inspire gardens to advance their own garden sustainability programs and operations to further the mission of their institution while connecting to local, national, and global sustainability efforts. The Index shares examples of how gardens are contributing to best practices in Sustainability.

Sustainable 2020

Three attributes launched each quarter in 2020. Now open:

Water Quality & Consumption

Biodiversity & Conservation

Energy Use & Impacts

Employee Development, Diversity, & Inclusion                                                 

Sustainable Community Development

Engagement, Outreach, & Education

Climate Adaptation & Risk Management                                                                                 

Business Planning & Management

Local/Regional Economic Health

Achieve Greatness

Goals, Strategies, Resources, and a Network of Peer Support help your garden meet Key Performance Indicators and achieve Outcomes.

Find Attribute-related case studies, tools, and align with Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations.

Getting Started is Easy!  

Fill out the Self-Assessment: Get a baseline of where your garden is on each attribute and gain access to peer support.

Get acquainted with peer-reviewed living documents outlining best practices that apply to all public gardens, regardless of size, operating budget, or their current level of performance.

Gardens Gain Recognition

Take action to implement change on any of the 12 Attributes covering environmental, economic, and social categories.

When your garden achieves best practice standards on an Attribute, a recognition of excellence is attained:

  • A Garden Profile on your garden’s unique achievement in each Attribute is featured on the Association website and in communication platforms. 
  • A badge of recognition will be awarded for your garden’s achievement in each Attribute.