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Design and Planning Professional Section


The Design Professional Section (DPS) provides a resource for planning and design professionals working in and with public gardens. Gardens, by definition, combine design and horticulture to create beautiful, engaging, inspiring, relevant and useful experiences. Public gardens are continually evolving entities and must anticipate and respond to continually changing contexts (demographic, economic, ecological, legal, etc.) to remain relevant and to fulfill their missions. Successful public garden planning involves interactions between organizational resources, physical site, staff, organizational culture, etc.

Public gardens are diverse in scope, size, mission, age, constituents, aesthetics, and resources among myriad other characteristics. Planning and design resists standardization and codification into dogmatic methodologies. However, through discussing their diverse methods and skills, planning and design professionals may share and gain from each others experiences, perspectives, and insights. The DPS commits itself to fostering, recognizing, learning from, and achieving planning and design best practices and excellence. The DPS welcomes APGA members from all disciplines and organizational levels interested in pursuing excellence in the planning and design of public gardens.


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