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Minnesota Landscape Arboretum: Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery Plan

This Plan is intended to outline plans for preparing for emergencies and for immediate response and short-term recovery efforts in an emergency.

Bartlett Tree Experts: Saving Storm Damaged Trees and Shrubs

Ice or snow loads can cause branch breakage or failure of entire trees and shrubs. Branches or entire trees that fall in storms can impact homes, vehicles, power lines and block roads.

Understanding Your Obligations Under OSHA's LOTO Requirements

The following are some of the questions this webinar, presentation, and document seeks to answer: 

What is the OSHA standard for control of hazardous energy sources?

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Beat the Summer Heat

Heat and humidity can cause several different types of heat-related illnesses including heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.  Knowing the signs and symptoms of each type of illness will help to keep your guests and staff safe through the summer

Best Practices: Visitor Accident Investigation

Having an accident investigation process is critical to properly handle visitor injuries when they arise and mitigate future loss. Follow these best practices on how to investigate visitor accidents.

Minimizing Visitor Injury Risk

Visitor personal injury claims can be costly and very damaging to a public garden’s reputation. They can be much more frequent than employee injury claims and employee safety programs are not sufficient to protect visitors.

Best Practices for Hiring Drivers

Since the quality of your drivers affects the bottom line, the safety of others on the road and your public garden’s good reputation, it is imperative to establish a driver selection program to hire the best, most qualified drivers.