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The State of Virtual & Hybrid Offerings at Cultural Organizations, Volume 1: The Future of the Visitor Experience.

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 crisis in Spring 2020, museums have significantly altered their approaches to audience engagement, visitor services, programming, operations, and more. In particular, digital has permeated nearly every facet of...

Summer 2022 Heat Exposure: Managing Safety & Risk Factors

As of June 16, 2022 the NOAA Climate Prediction Center indicates seasonal outlook for July, August and September favors above normal seasonal mean temperatures across the majority of the US. New England and portions of the Midwest have the highest...

Ask an Expert: Executive Directors

Executive Directors spend some time speaking for their gardens in the public eye and a lot of time doing work behind the scenes. Have you ever wondered what that work really looks like or whether it might be something you aspire to one day? Join us for...

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May Lunch & Learn: Mentor Match

The American Public Gardens Association has launched a new online Mentor Match program to connect our members with other public horticulture professionals for mutual professional development. The new program integrates with the Association’s existing...

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Take Presentations to the Next Level

Learn how to take your presentation skills to the next level with advice and insights from seasoned speaker Brian Vogt, CEO of Denver Botanic Gardens. A brief Q&A follows his presentation. This talk was given during the May 2022 Council of...

Access Nature: Inclusion in the Outdoors

Organized by North American Association for Environmental Education

How do we create spaces in nature that are truly welcoming for disabled people? What does accessibility actually mean and how do we implement it? Loren Penman and Syren...

On-Demand: How Your Garden Can Impact the Local Economy

Have you considered the impact your garden has on local and regional economic health? Gardens occupy a unique place in the cultural, environmental, and economic landscape, and the reach your garden has can be bigger than you think. Join us for an on-...

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Planting Seeds of the Future: Increasing the Labor Pipeline for the Horticulture Industry

Watch this webinar to hear a presentation and discussion on the future of staffing and career development in Horticulture with Jazmin Albarran, Executive Director of Seed Your Future. Challenges of staffing was recently identified as a “pressing matter...

Racial Equity Tools Glossary

Racial Equity Tools has created a glossary of terms to create a shared understanding of words to enhance the way we talk about race.

Language is an essential tool in racial equity work, and the terms we use have evolved as this work has...

On-Demand: Garden Board Member Experience 2022: Risky Business

Nonprofit boards should not fear risk, but simply managing it is not enough. Risk is a dynamic, complex, multidimensional challenge and your strong leadership is required to address it. 

The value of effective risk management isn't always ...

On-Demand: Beneath Our Feet: Thinking About Sustainability From the Ground Up

Join us for an on-demand recording of this sustainability webinar to learn more about how to improve your garden from the ground up by using sustainable materials! Materials management often goes on behind the scenes, but builds the foundation for the...

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March IDEA Cafe: Volunteers in the Age of IDEA

In this age of IDEA being at the forefront of many garden's priorities, IDEA principles are being introduced to various facets of public gardens, including volunteer programs. Join this session to hear from staff at gardens that are working to bring...

Urban Agriculture Resilience Program 2022 Q&A Webinar

The United States Botanic Garden and the American Public Gardens Association are accepting applications for 2022 Urban Agriculture Resilience Program awards to support...

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Ask an Expert: Directors of Horticulture

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a Director of Horticulture at a public garden? Join us for a conversation with four Directors of Horticulture from gardens large and small across the United States. Learn more about their backgrounds and...

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Been There, Done That: Digital Asset Management Systems

Join this webinar to hear more about Digital Asset Management Systems and how they have been implemented and utilized at public gardens.  

This webinar has been generously sponsored by Blackbaud 



Failure is not an Option: How Nonprofit Boards Can Support Leaders of Color

For nonprofits who are now hiring new executive leaders of color, here are some steps to take—and pitfalls to avoid—to ensure a successful leadership transition.

As capacity-building consultants to the social sector, we regularly support...

On-Demand: The Triple Bottom Line and Other Tools for Sustainable Decision-Making | Sustainability Index Series

Join us during this Sustainability Index Series webinar to hear how three different organizations are making decisions through the lens of sustainability. Glenda Abney, Interim Vice President, Education and Director, EarthWays Center with Missouri...

How 21 Museums and Cultural Organizations Engaged with NFTs in 2021

For the last year, the digital art ecosystem has been abuzz with talk of NFTs. Digital artists, crypto entrepreneurs, and digitally-minded museums have moved to adapt to the potentially seismic shift brought on by the rising trade in digital artworks...