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The State of Virtual & Hybrid Offerings at Cultural Organizations, Volume 1: The Future of the Visitor Experience.

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 crisis in Spring 2020, museums have significantly altered their approaches to audience engagement, visitor services, programming, operations, and more. In particular, digital has permeated nearly every facet of cultural organizations. During the initial pandemic lockdowns, circumstances demanded that museums act swiftly to capture audiences in our abruptly virtual world. As we know now, the ad hoc activities of early 2020 were only a prelude to a much larger story of digital transformation. Over the past two years, the continued restrictions on travel, tourism, and in-person gatherings, coupled with the rising appetite for virtual experiences, have summoned a remarkable range of innovation across arts and cultural organizations. More than ever before, museums have embraced their role in the digital realm.

With insights from our survey of 500 museums and cultural organizations, this report offers strategies for driving virtual and in-person engagement, tips on reshaping visitor value for the hybrid era, and more!


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