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Sentinel Plant Network Newsletters & Listservs

National Plant Diagnostic Network - National Newsletter

USDA's APHIS PPQ Stakeholder's Registry

Pest / Pathogen Newsletters (by Region, then state)


IL - The Morton Arboretum's Plant Health Care Report

IL - The University of Illinois Home, Yard & Garden Pest Newsletter

KY - University of Kentucky, Kentucky Pest News

MI - Michigan State University, Landscape Crop Advisory Team Alert


MA - UMass Landscape Message

NY - "Branching Out," an IPM Newsletter by Cornell Dept of Plant Pathology and Cornell

Cooperative Extension

Western Region

Western Plant Diagnostic Network Newsletter and Pacific Pest Detector

AK - University of Alaska, Extension, IPM (Insects and Diseases)

AZ - Arizona Plant Diagnotic Network (Pest Alerts)

CA - University of California IPM "Green Bulletin"

CA - LA County Agricultural Commissioner's Dept. (Pest / Disease information sheets, posters, etc.)

CO & WY - Mountain West IPM Pest Alerts

HI - Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture, Plant Pest Control Information (bottom of page)

WA - Washington State University Extension (Plant Pests and Diseases)


NC - Dr. Steven Frank's website "Insect Ecology and Integrated Pest Management"

Follow Dr. Frank's EcoIPM on Twitter

Follow Dr. Frank's OrnaPests on Twitter