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Museums in the Year Ahead: How Cultural Organizations are Envisioning Digital Engagement, Hybrid Models, and Innovation in 2022 and Beyond

As museums continue to navigate the sweeping ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as envision the future of the cultural industry, it's clear that digital considerations will remain critical. In particular, terms like “hybrid” and “phygital” have become increasingly common in museum vernacular, reflecting the important deliberations taking place about how to accommodate the demands for both onsite and online engagement in the arts and cultural space. How can museums adapt to the new hybrid reality? How are they generating sustainable revenue in a “phygital” world? What new technology trends are impacting digital transformation in the cultural industry? And, how will museums continue to innovate?

Join Brendan Ciecko (CEO @ Cuseum), Courtney Law (Director of Communications, Partnerships, and Digital Initiatives @ Museum of Contemporary Art Denver), Steven Brady (Chief Technology Officer @ Barnes Foundation), and Tricia Robson (Senior Project Manager of Digital, Education, Publications, Imaging, Libraries & Live Arts  @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art) for a webinar conversation on the phygital future of museums. This discussion will anticipate the year ahead in the cultural industry, examining hybrid models, digital activities, virtual revenue generation, and the potential impact of new technology trends (like NFTs and the “Metaverse”), probing what museum innovation may look like in 2022 and beyond. 

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