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Monitoring Traps / Pest Survey Inquiry

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Please provide the following information so we can connect you with the folks already doing pest surveys in your state. In the event that they are unable to involve you in existing survey work, we will follow up with you about supplying traps directly to your garden. 

International Gardens

International Gardens Professional Section

The membership of APGA is becoming increasingly international, with members now representing 29 countries outside the USA. Moreover, US botanic gardens are increasingly engaged in countries and regions overseas. Several international treaties and agreements (e.g. CBD, CITES, GSPC, NASPCBG, IPEN) directly impact botanic garden activities. 

Arts and Exhibitions Professional Section

Art and Exhibitions

This Professional Section acknowledges the important role that art and exhibits play in programming for public gardens.  Increasingly, public gardens are becoming an integral part of the cultural infrastructure of their communities by engaging visitors with their offerings in the performing arts, sculpture, and painting.  By making their grounds available, public gardens are also able to pair these exhibits and other cultural events with a wide range of activities that are mission-related.

SPN Custom Posters and Labels

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SPN Toolbox Packing Slip

SPN Packing Slip

Important Reminder:

Many common plant problems can be identified through the exchange of digital images / video so we strongly encourage our member gardens to engage their diagnosticians via email prior to submitting a physical sample.

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