The Institute of Museum and Library Services currently partners with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to provide support to libraries through the distribution of information, education materials, and training sessions on immigration and citizenship.

USCIS is interested in expanding this work to provide support to museums that are engaged in serving immigrant populations.

The current IMLS-USCIS agreement supports USCIS’s mission to promote instruction and training on citizenship rights and responsibilities and raise awareness of the importance of citizenship. At the same time, it supports IMLS in its efforts to foster cross-cultural understanding, promote learning opportunities in a trusted environment, and help libraries find new ways to serve their communities.

New opportunities for collaboration with museums may include informational webinars on USCIS’s educational materials, training for museum staff on citizenship programming, and coordinating with local USCIS field offices to hold naturalization information sessions or naturalization ceremonies at museums. Please see the USCIS Citizenship Resource Center page for more information on the citizenship resources that USCIS provides.

If your organization is interested in USCIS resources or engaging with USCIS, please contact Christopher Reich, Senior Museum Advisor, at