Mount Auburn, Laurel Hill, and Green-Wood, all established in the 1830s in Boston, Philadelphia, and Brooklyn respectively, were the first three “rural cemeteries” in the nation. As we look to the future where climate change portends massive environmental transformation, these garden cemeteries will play an increasing role as protected green spaces connecting people with nature. We will discuss our recent initiatives within this context, as well as the uniquely tranquil and inspirational reflective spaces we continue to provide. Each presenter will provide examples of recent collaborations with local universities, agencies, and public gardens that have enabled us to play leadership roles in both historic preservation and environmental advocacy.

Presenters: J. Charap, Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York; D. Barnett,
Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts; A. Hoskins, Laurel Hill
Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania