Among its mitigation strategies, UC San Diego's (UCSD) 2019 Climate Action Plan (CAP) calls for
Behavior and Institutional Change where energy consumption habits are targeted and addressed
through education and engagement. Launched in 2016, the UC San Diego Sustainability Ambassadors Program aims to support CNI and the UCSD CAP by raising awareness of UCSD's
carbon neutrality efforts while encouraging students to implement sustainable living methods. 
As the University transitioned to online learning, I focused on strengthening the Ambassadors
Program's ability to remotely educate and engage students with climate change science and UCSD
climate initiatives through a variety of strategies including: presentations and workshops, social
media, a website and blog, a webinar, and an online CNI training and survey. Results from the survey captured students' attitudes and beliefs regarding climate change and how UCSD is addressing it. The results can be utilized to inform communication on CNI and campus climate policies in the future.