This project offers a blueprint for the ideal level of maintenance needed to keep this area of the garden aesthetically pleasing and well -kept into the future. Landscape management plans from other public gardens demonstrated a range of approaches and highlighted effective techniques that could be incorporated into a plan for the Intern House and Hillcrest Building. The landscape management plan task list weaves in the specifics of the site and includes responsibilities (e.g. string trimming gates and clearing leaves) that may be carried out throughout the season.

This landscape management plan highlights where improvements to the site can be made and opens discussion on how this part of the garden may better serve and inspire Arboretum visitors. Taking proposed capital projects into consideration, the plan suggests how improvements to the Hillcrest Building and Intern House can fit into future construction. The project finally brings awareness to important educational or interpretational occasions that are currently overlooked. The ultimate aim of the landscape management plan is to provide a detailed look at the garden’s past and current arrangement to guide others in its upcoming care.