The adoption of a Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) in 2002 and its subsequent renewal in 2010 were significant milestones for the Convention on Biological Diversity. Not only did this strategy, its objectives and targets provide a valuable framework to guide plant conservation worldwide, it also played a critical role in mobilizing the plant and botanical community at global and national levels to develop new priority plant conservation actions. In addition, many countries responded by developing national plant conservation strategies or incorporated new plant-focused initiatives into their national biodiversity strategies and action plans.

This report is celebrating and highlighting almost 20 years of targeted action towards the implementation of the five goals of the Global Plant Conservation Strategy: developing knowledge of the plant world, ensuring effective conservation of the plant diversity and promoting its use in a sustainable and equitable manner, organizing education and awareness and reinforcing the capacities and the public engagement necessary to implement the strategy.

This report reviews progress to this ambitious action plan of the GSPC with its 16 outcome oriented 2020 targets and its contribution to many areas of concern highlighted in the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals for 2030