It’s 3AM and the power goes out. You or your staff need to locate the right switch, but do you know where it is? When a construction project is taking place and you want to ensure that a dig-in won’t occur, how confident are you in the mapped location of your underground assets? These are just 2 common use cases for the times when an accurate spatial representation of your network assets would be incredibly valuable. This webinar will focus on the value of moving your utility assets from CAD to GIS and many of the advances that allow users to view and trace network assets in the field, incorporate real-time information, and represent your data in 2D, schematics, and 3D. This webinar will feature 1 leading university and showcase: 

  • Network management for electric, gas, water, sewer, stormwater, fiber, telecom, district heating, and more
  • Scaled deployment options (from hosted solutions to Enterprise management)
  • Moving from CAD to GIS