Cultural organizations are in a moment of critical transition. The confluence of crises brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020 debilitated normal operations, evaporated revenue streams, and obsolesced business models overnight. Institutions swiftly pivoted to a virtual framework, investing heavily in a new approach to visitor and member engagement; When public life slowly resumed in 2021, it was accompanied by a resurgence in attendance and membership, 1 it seemed the industry would soon return to pre-pandemic conditions.

Yet 2022 has seen growth begin to plateau, and many museums and cultural institutions are still reporting compounding financial losses, and membership and ticket revenue well below pre-pandemic levels. As these organizations seek new ways to re-engage their constituents and new channels to drive continued growth, the question has increasingly become: how to harness the potential of digital to expand our reach and foster a robust and loyal membership base?

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