Increasing evidence indicates that nature exposure is associated with lower mortality, improved stress, mental health, attention, and mood. This evidence is driving a trend in nature prescription programs. According to the National ParkRx Initiative, there are 75-100 nature prescription programs across the United States. In this webinar, Elisa Sarantschin will introduce NaturePHL, a collaborative program that gets Philadelphia’s kids outdoors through park prescriptions, and its Nature Navigator model approach. Michelle Kondo will describe research underway on the NaturePHL program and on other similar nature prescription programs across the U.S.

Resources Mentioned in the Webinar:

Nature Rx: Reemergence of Pediatric Nature-Based Therapeutic Programs From the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries
This article, published in the American Journal of Public Health, describes the re-emergence of nature-based therepuetic programs, including lessons learned and support needed to ensure their success.

This is the website for NaturePHL, which is a cross-sector program helping Philadelphia children and families achieve better health through activity in local parks, trails, and green spaces.

This is the website of the National ParkRx Initiative, where you can find resources including a ParkRx Toolkit, and details about the ParkRx Census

US Forest Service Resources

Vibrant Cities Lab: Human Health
A collection of materials that highlight how trees and green space improve human health and well-being.