The use of livestock to control undesirable vegetation is growing in popularity. However, less is known about the pros and cons of this technique in comparison to other management methods, such as herbicide, cutting, and burning. In this webinar, Dr. Katherine Marchetto, post-doctoral associate at University of Minnesota, will discuss her research on the effects of goat browsing on the invasive shrub common buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica) and on overall plant diversity and composition. Dr. Marchetto will focus on two studies: 1. Experimental research assessing the viability of invasive buckthorn seeds after passing through goat digestive tracts, and 2. A meta-analysis of 59 studies about the use of grazing animals in vegetation control. Gavin Deming, executive director of Allegheny GoatScape, and Jake Langeslag, owner of Goat Dispatch, LLC, will share their observations from the field and provide webinar attendees with practical information on grazing goats to control invasive species.