CICEANA’s Botanical Garden, located on the rooftop of its headquarters in Mexico City, has acted as a catalyst throughout Mexico for a series of green roof and green spaces projects. One example is in Monterrey, where we have designed and built a 4,500 square meter green roof on a new LEED-certified building. This green roof serves to connect society and nature using native flora enhanced by educational programs. Our educational work includes activities that introduce the importance of various environmental, social, economic, and cultural aspects of Mexican flora and encourage their conservation. In this session, learn how a rooftop garden project can encourage sustainability in an urban green space when combined with an educational program that creates a connection between conservation and biodiversity and urban life, bridging the urban and natural environment.

Presenters: C. Sanchez, Centro de Información y Comunicación Ambiental de
Norte América A.C., Ciudad de México, México