This document outlines an approach to holistically evaluate the benefits of implementing green infrastructure. The guidance places emphasis on first understanding the goal and scope for assessing benefits. It uses the goal and scope to step the user through: (1) differentiating between direct benefits and co-benefits of GI, and (2) understanding when and how these benefits need to be characterized, quantified or monetized. This document is not intended to be a “how to” measure benefits for conducting benefit-cost analysis, but rather an approach to tailor benefits and co-benefits identification and description to inform decision making and stakeholder engagement.

The report is organized into three sections with attachments.
v The first section introduces the concept of green infrastructure and describes some of the most common GI practices.
v The second section discusses the range of benefits and co-benefits often attributed to GI.
v The third section outlines an approach to assessing the benefits.
v Finally, the attachments provide case studies that illustrate how this guidance can be used.