Universities already make important contributions to the achievement of the SDGs. However, for the SDGs to be truly successful at a global scale, universities need to become champions of sustainable development and play a leading role in the implementation of the SDGs. For this, a whole-of-university approach is essential and universities can use the following Steps to start and deepen their engagement with the SDGs:

1. Mapping what they are already doing

2. Building internal capacity and ownership of the SDGs

3. Identifying priorities, opportunities and gaps

4. Integrating, implementing and embedding the SDGs within university strategies, policies and


5. Monitoring, evaluating and communicating their actions on the SDGs

Different universities will necessarily approach this process in different ways, and this Guide provides general tools and guidance that can be customised to different contexts and needs – including guidance on mapping, engaging with university stakeholders and senior leadership, building the business case, managing interlinkages, and reporting. Given the size of the task of achieving the SDGs, and the critical role universities have in supporting and delivering on them, there is an urgent need for the sector to accelerate action on the SDGs. The key is for universities to get started. This Guide provides the framework for doing so.