Plant records management is critical to the success of a garden regardless of its size, mission, or budget. Every institution comes with a unique set of assets and challenges, but one thing that unites them all is the care and upkeep of living collections. Most public gardens face limitations of some kind when it comes to keeping records. These confines can include a lack of technological infrastructure, pre-existing data, staff, time, or funding. Questions answered by the presenters will cover workflow, technology use, labeling, accessioning practices, and more. They will share their successes and suggestions across a broad range of record-keeping and time management topics to inspire the data nerds and the detail fearful alike! 


J. Frye, Newfields, Indianapolis, Indiana; J. Charap, Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York; C. Meholic, University of Delaware Botanic Gardens, Newark, Delaware;, J. Darfler, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania