This Initiative and Roadmap embrace these broad goals:

• Secure the future of all existing native California species, with an emphasis on those that are not found anywhere else.

• Secure all California ecosystem types, establishing goals that are consistent with global commitments under The Convention on Biological Diversity. A starting point is to: Protect 20 percent of each terrestrial, freshwater, coastal, and marine ecosystem type; and, to Recover and restore 15 percent of each ecosystem type from its degraded or disturbed status.

• Preserve ecosystems at the regional scale, with sufficient linkages, buffers and refugia to provide a robust future for all native species in the face of climate change.

• Increase ecosystem and native species distributions in California, while sustaining and enhancing species abundance and richness.

• Improve the ecological conditions, ecosystem functions, and natural processes vital for sustaining these ecosystems across California. These include things like connectivity of habitats, community structure and composition, water quality, and soil and sediment quality, as well as successional dynamics, disturbance regimes, hydrological regimes, and sediment and soil processes.