How can organizational partners address each other’s needs and amplify each other’s missions, not only within a city, but throughout a region? Native Plant Trust (formerly New England Wild Flower Society) received an IMLS grant to create a network of pollinator gardens, collaborating with twelve partners throughout six states, supported by a suite of in-person and distance programs and resources. The panel will lay out how everyone worked together, from the IMLS process and the project’s development to the learning approaches and products, what was learned along the way, and the initiative’s lasting impact both on the communities and on the Society. Insight will be offered about the regional project’s place in national pollinator efforts. 


C. Allen, Native Plant Trust (formerly New England Wild Flower Society), Framingham, Massachusetts; M. Richardson, Horticulture, Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston, Massachusetts; D. Minner, Daphne Minner Consulting, West Roxbury, Massachusetts; A. White, Nectar Landscape Design Studio, Burlington, Vermont