Public gardens are more than simply a collection of plants, displayed for public enjoyment. Public gardens should consider themselves part of the wider cultural sector and must be cognizant of their societal role in the 21st century. When planning strategically for the future, public gardens must become more visitor-centric and understand the importance of a central narrative in creating the visitor experience. This construct provides the structure on which to build decisions around interpretation, education, programming, and supporting the garden in reaching its greatest potential. Led by Gerald Dieleman and Dov Goldstein of Lord Cultural Resources, this presentation will use Canada’s Diversity Gardens as a case study to illustrate how gardens can develop their own cohesive visitor experience.

Presenters: G. Dieleman, Canada’s Diversity Gardens, Assiniboine Park
Conservancy, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; S. Hill, D. Goldstein, Lord Cultural
Resources, Toronto, Ontario, Canada