Excellence in stewardship for cultural institutions isn’t just putting together an amazing collection. Institutions must do everything in their power to prepare for events that could damage or destroy their collection, and this is especially true when collections include living things! Animals require special considerations in emergencies and disasters, and that starts with contingency planning.

Contingency planning is a process that helps determine the best steps for management and staff to take when an emergency or disaster strikes. A good contingency plan defines objectives to ensure staff and public safety and minimize damage to the collection, living or inanimate, while trying to maintain or re-establish business operations. While a written plan is important, webinar participants will recognize that the planning process is more important than the plan itself!

In this webinar, Dr. Yvonne Nadler, and Ashley Zielinski of the Zoo and Aquarium All Hazards Preparedness Response and Recovery Fusion Center (ZAHP Fusion Center) will discuss the evolution of contingency planning for living collections in the exotic animal industry. This process, equally applicable to other collections, is based upon proven Federal Emergency Management Agency recommendations for the planning process.

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