The Blue Agave (Maguey Azul, Agave tequilana) is an example of a very important plant in Mexico’s history, culture, and commerce. For over two hundred and fifty years, the national drink of Mexico has been produced in and near Tequila, Jalisco. Currently, its main producer, Jose Cuervo, is designing and developing a new six-hectare botanical garden/cultural complex. Designed to feature local and endemic succulents and coupled with an interactive museum, it will prove to be an attractive tourist destination and an opportunity to better understand topics related to the tequilamaking process and Mexican flora and their relationship to several national ecosystems. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to observe the development of a new botanical garden while in the developmental stage. (Samples included!)

Presenters: M. S. Simon, Centro de Información y Comunicación Ambiental de
Norte America A.C., Ciudad de México, México; S. Espinola de la Llave, Jose
Cuervo Foundation, Tequila, Jalisco, México